Oh yes! It takes a lot of special and dedicated people to create a space like My Workshop. This is a simple credit to everyone paid or otherwise who contributed to make My Workshop a success.

Apologies to anyone who's been missed out. But don't despair, drop us a line and we'll add you to the list.

Jason (aka Rupert) Bewley

Helped out on a photoshoot. 

Claude Gerald

Provided a pallet carrier, found a dishwasher and delivered an industrial sewing machine.


Ashley Brown

2 days of photography and editing.


Eleanor Greasley

Helped out on a photoshoot.

James Potter

James & Heather Kirby

Helped delivering materials, made an amazing My Workshop sign.


Peter Stone

Provided fork lift for the equipment.


David Hickey

Plumbed kitchen sink.


Donated microwave and materials to make sewing tables, helped out on a photoshoot.


Sarah Wadey

Helped out on a photoshoot and is currently loaning an industrial sewing machine.



Provided scaffolding for us to complete the roof insulation.

Harris Chapman

Donated folding tables, stools for the kitchen, toaster and bowls.


Sam Hill

Helped out on a photoshoot.

Lynn Staples

Donated some of the equipment and books for the library.

Alicia Watts

Sourced our great kitchen, found a fridge, gave 2 weeks of free labour in the run up to the opening as well as helped cooking up a feast. 

David Clarke

Helped to make the very first video that explained My Workshop concept.


Holly Holdsworth

Editing the very first video that explained My Workshop concept.

Richard Staples

Grafting every spare minute including 1000s of hours on insulation, 50 litres worth of painting, helping build partition, preparing electric cables, resolving computer issues, faring furniture and equipment to and fro, cooking, installing cooker and oven.

Paul Elliot

Loaning equipment for My Workshop use.

Sam Jones

Provided a van and time for deliveries. Helped out with insulation.  Donated furniture.

Noel Staples

Suppling projector and projector screen for an open day.

Robert Worrad

Helping out around the workshop and tiling in the toilets.

Johnny White

Our claim to fame, our celebrity friend, winner of Pointless and a great help on a photoshoot.

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