Valchromat, an MDF alternative



  • Coloured throughout

  • Easy to machine

  • Non toxic

  • Load resistant

  • Tool friendly

  • Moisture resistant

  • No edging required

  • UV Resistant

Thicknesses: 8mm, 16mm, 22mm and 30mm

Available Colours: black, grey, light grey, brown, red, blue, orange, yellow, violet, green and natural

Finishes: laquer, oil, wax, duco or left raw


This is a fantastic alternative to MDF. Aside from being lightweight and easy to machine it is coloured throughout so it doesn't need any edging and it's non toxic. It is rated E1 in terms of formaldehyde emission which makes it very safe to use in the manufacture, especially children’s furniture.


Not only is it colourful, it has plenty of finishing choices (see above) and it can look like granite with a high gloss finish. Because the material is less porous then normal MDF you will need less coats or laquer, so it will look after your pocket too.

Plus it is moisture resistant, due to the resin used, which also helps with the strength. Investwood say that it's moisture resistance makes Valchromat suitable for kitchens and bathroom uses. I'm slightly sceptical of this and would love to see a sample once it has been through a few month worth of bathroom moisture.


Nevertheless, Valchromat has plenty of benefits over MDF and feels super tactile in your hands, it's definitely a material to consider for any furniture or interior design project.

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