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Loughborough Town Hall
What's On Brochure

Loughborough Town Hall has always aimed for their brochure to be engaging, original and memorable. Recently we've been asked to redesign their What’s On brochure to reflect the quality of acts that LTH feature.


Our goal was to create a brochure around user experience, so we looked into the habits of how people browse and read similar publications. It was soon established that a structured grid where a standardised order of items was followed through out. Choosing to place images in a line created a visual gallery of the shows available, making selection a more straight forward affair. Standardising the structure allowed users to spot information such as pre-theatre dinning, discounts, QR codes and links to extra information about the show easier, thus making the brochure much more interactive.


Our content calendar is a handy addition to the brochure. We've designed it so that it can be removed from the brochure and act as a reminder on your fridge, of the shows that will feature over the coming season. Colour coded categories, handy keys and contact information allow readers to plan for their outing without having to look through the pages of the brochure for your favourite show. 


For full brochure download please click here.


Content Calendar

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