Well it was all worth it! It's now time to get serious about some serious designing and making.





Everything was almost done, but my friends James and Heather from Tanti felt there was one vital ingredient missing. They turned up with a lovely My Workshop sign, which was a perfect finishing touch.

With the workshop finished, the sign up and photoshoot complete...


I've been looking forwarding to organising the tools ever since I've moved in. When it came to doing it however I was overwhelmed by the volume of the little bits and bobs and the best and most practical layout, that I've ended avoiding the job ever since.

This tim...


Ok, so this is looking back somewhat, but better late then never. The kitchen has been a combination of triumph and disaster. The triumph lies in the fact that it cost me next to nothing and came pretty much with everything one might need, the disaster lies in the plum...


Last winter was cold, super cold. The workshop does have a heater, but the old building leaks it out instantly. So we've decided to insulate the roof and install fans that would turn slowly pushing the warm air that collects at the top down.

We've only had one tower, so...


I think they are fun and make buildings look quirky. Originally I was hoping to have giant ones, double the size of the windows I've ended up with, but unfortunately it all came down to cost. 


To cut the windows out I first made a little jig to test my routing skills a...


This was fun. Usually I've been taking walls out, like in our house for example, so putting a partition up was new for me. With Richard's help the main frame went up pretty quickly and my door to Narnia soon had a wall. 

The partition frame showed just how badly the bui...


After weeks of mess I was getting impatient. The stress of the setting up the workshop and maintaining a working routine at Fox & Co was a challenge. It is during moments like these that you need something to look forward to. My friend was getting rid of some large she...


...and more like a workshop. We've been able to plan some sort of lay out and my friend managed to find a really lovely kitchen on Freecycle. It came equipped with an oven and a cooker. Claude from downstairs had some friends that were getting rid of an old dishwasher....


So the space originally came without any electrics. Upon request the landlord has installed the lights and a fuse board, the rest was up to us.  

Luckily my husband is rather handy when it comes to wiring so he's been able to work out how many main rings we needed...

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