The art of knitted items is definitely no longer exclusive to wool. In the past the lovely textures have been transformed to solid ceramics, soft silicones, light furniture and even fences.


Crochet chair by Marcel Wander via www.decoist.com, Silicone table skin by DeJo...


Often our inspiration happens to take place in the familiar; internet, books, magazines. I say this as I often fall into this easy trap myself, as it saves time, but we mustn't forget that inspiration can be found anywhere. Take this building by Bart Prince (Price Resi...


There is a massive growth of online marketplaces for designers, with the most recent introduction from Amazon, the Handmade Programme, which seems to be taking it's inspiration from Etsy. So we decided to look into various sites and put together a little guide to the i...


Design is just as much about creating an experience as it is about creating a product. Oki Sato, head designer at the Tokyo based studio Nendo is known for many things. His multifaceted career saw him work on projects ranging from graphic and product design, through to...



Happy Chinese New Year!


Designer: Kay Bojesen

Year: 1951

Materials: Teak and limba


The birth of Kay's son Otto inspired him to create what is now a collection of 2000 toys. The memories of creating wooden toys with his own father saw the return of his interest in...



  • Coloured throughout

  • Easy to machine

  • Non toxic

  • Load resistant

  • Tool friendly

  • Moisture resistant

  • No edging required

  • UV Resistant

Thicknesses: 8mm, 16mm, 22mm and 30mm

Available Colours: black, grey, light grey, brown, red,...


A little bit of childhood fun in your bathroom? It is a collaboration you wouldn't have anticipated, high-end bathroom furniture manufacturer Delpha and Meccano. The inspiration can truly come from anywhere. It's brightly coloured, interchangeable and upgradable. Altho...


On my last trip to Amsterdam we ended up in Food Halle (more on this in a separate post) and I couldn't go passed this beautiful bike shop. Amsterdam is the city of bikes, so it goes without saying we were likely to see some interesting things. Plus they had a bike wor...


These beautiful hand weaved bags are made from a hand made paper called Hanji, native to Korea and are inspired by traditional ceramics and pottery. The objects are created through the process of spinning and weaving strips of Hanji paper, which is made from the inner...




Designer: Dorothee Becker

Year: 1969

Materials: ABS, Nickel Plated metal

Production Method: Injection Moulding


Inspired by her father's multi-pocketed fabric storage system, Dorothee Becker has gone on to create her own design classic. Practical and beautiful U...

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